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We are the first supplier of 8.4% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution in an infusion bag.

It is not possible to fill and store an alkaline solution such as sodium bicarbonate in standard PVC bags or plastic bottles. A film that is resistant to concentrations >pH 7 with a special “overpouching” is required for this. This “Overpouching” guarantees documented stability data, drug concentration and drug safety and excludes an interaction between content and wall material.

400 ml Isotonic Sodium chloride solution 0.9% Eu-Ru Med

120 ml Sodium bicarbonate solution 8.4% Eu-Ru Med


1000 ml contain 9.0 g sodium chloride, water for injections

Area of use:

Carrier solution for remedies, short-term intravascular volume replacement


Alkalosis, Hypokalaemia


1000ml contain 84.0 g sodium bicarbonate, water for injections

Area of use:
Correction of metabolic acidosis


Alkalosis, Hypokalaemia

  • Optimization of the hygienic and safety related aspects through the coordinated application technology
  • Connection and handling sterile, because of a “closed circuit”
  • Less risk of contamination
  • Infusion bag film with stability data and approved for concentrations >pH 7 and alkaline substances (NaHCO3-solution 8.4%)
  • Simplification of a mixing procedure without a transfer- “device” and/or syringe support you in the implementation of your hygiene guidelines
  • Time saving (for the therapist and staff)
  • Puncture plugs in the large bag: Isotonic sodium chloride solution for the addition of local anesthetics (e.g. procaine, preservation-free for the production of a procaine base infusion) as well as possible additional vital substances
  • Less weight
  • No risk of breakage of glass bottles
  • Less disposal volume

All you need to do is order Eu-Ru Bibag or Infusion bag-Set

The two finished medicinal products must/should be named on a prescription (saves possible inquiries from private health inscurance companies)

400ml isotonic sodium chloride solution 0.9% Eu-Ru Med + 120ml sodium bicarbonate solution 8.4% Eu-Ru Med

Eu-Ru Med