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The set consists of:

  • pH meter with BNC connection
  • pH rod with a glass electrode and electrode cable
  • 250ml buffer solution pH 4,00
  • 250ml buffer solution pH 7,00
  • 1000ml titration solution (HCl 0,1mol/l)
  • 250ml Pepsin cleaning solution
  • 250ml reference electrolyte solution KCl 3mol/l + AgCl

Free to your E-Mail address: Excel-table for simple measurement-analysis

New Project (47)

Not included in the set, but partly necessary for the analysis (delivery also possible by Eu-Ru Med)

  • Centrifuge (operator)
  • Thermo block 37◦C for test glass (instead of water quench) look here
  • specialized pipet 1.0 ml with blue tips
  • specialized pipet 0.1 ml with yellow tips
  • Test glasses 105 x 16 mm pointed oder 100 x 16 mm conical 

A short description of the measurement technology according to Jörgensen can be found under “Diagnostics for practice”

With the purchase of the set you will receive detailed instructions on how to carry out the buffer measurement according to Jörgensen.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the product.

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