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If the patient has had a pH buffer capacity measurement, the evaluation shows you a possible deficit of 8.4% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution, which you should “fill up” with a short infusion. The implementation with our prepared infusion bags (illustration) is easy and safe to handle.

The ready-to-use infusion system contains 400ml NaCl 0.9% and 120 ml sodium bicarbonate solution 8.4% in 2 different large bags. The base infusion is a freshly prepared mixed infusion. It is important to have an adequate mixing ratio of sodium bicarbonate solution 8.4% and sodium chloride solution 0.9%!

The NaHCO3 solution is pressed into the sodium chloride bag through the connecting hose with a terminal clamp. A separate puncture plug allows additional medication to be added (e.g. procaine).

Glucose 5% as a carrier solution and “dilution” of the sodium bicarbonate solution concentrate, correlates with the therapeutic administration to the diabetic, the tumour aftercare and most pH metabolic disorders in the body.

Base infusions with the infusion basis

The duration of use depends on the clinical requirements.

Depending on the pH buffer measurement results and clinical differential diagnostics:

  1. week: 2-3 Infusions
  2. week: 2 Infusions
  3. week: 2-1 Infusions tapered (up to individual 10 infusions)

Procaine 5ml ampules increasing 2-4 ampules 1% (5ml=50mg) or 1-2 ampules 2% (5ml=100mg)

Hint: 5ml Procaine ampules are only available on prescription

Maximum infusion rate:

1.5ml Sodium bicarbonate solution 8.4% Eu-Ru Med per kg bodyweight/hour

Amount of time spent for every treatment 60-90 Minutes


Procaine is well tolerated and, unlike Lidocaine, is not a burden on the liver. Real procaine allergies are usually rarely described in literature. In most cases, reactions to preservatives decrease. For safety reasons, only use a preservative-free product. Before application a conjunctival allergy test should be carried out: drip one drop into the conjunctival sac, wait for a reaction- there should be no burning, swelling and/or increased lacrimation.

As with all parenteral and especially intravenous applications, the possible side effects and contraindications have to be considered.

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